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As our city continues to grow and expand it has been important for me to make sure that we are also doing the things to insure that our downtown has the proper balance of residential and office space to support the commercial business in the area.  Years ago when Park Ave. was planned it was the hopes of our elected officials at the time that this would turn into a commercial gateway.  At the time it was not fully understand the effects of Bangerter Highway to the west.  Now it is clear that this has shifted the commercial gateway of Riverton to this area.  As a council the task for us was how to manage the effects of this shift with the remaining commercial parcels that remain and the situation with the existing businesses.  In every model of a city it is important to insure that there is enough rooftops to sustain the business that exists.  In my time on the council we have seen a major grocer close it doors and a vacancy occur in the old commercial center of Riverton.  Many of my fellow council members recognize the equation that exists for residential/office space to commercial as well as preserving the interests of the landowners and their desires.  During this year and into the coming the council continues to focus on a “Walk-able downtown” model.  The renovation of the main park has supported this concept and the council began a process in this years strategic plan of reviewing and updating zoning requirement along 12600 S between Redwood Rd. and 1300 W.  I am excited to review different concepts and ideas of how we can create this feel along this area of of our city and also providing the necessary support with residential and office space through zoning and ordinance.   In my research and discussion I have reviewed a number of concepts and ideas and much of what I have seen on Cool Town Studios and an article on the particular subject has helped me to understand better what provides appeal and support culture and provided the conceptual drawing of another community with this same situation above.